B.C. ERRE is located in Carpaneto Piacentino, province of Piacenza (Italy). The company is authorized dealer of Spicer Dana (which includes Clark-Hurth and Italcardano brands), Allison, Kessler and Astra spare parts, and it offers a wide range of genuine, high-quality components. Moreover, the company provides overhauls and repairs of transmissions and axles applied to various types of machinery such as logistic machines (e.g. container and material handling), as well as construction, mining, railway and agricultural machinery. Thanks to its high-quality service, the company always returns the client’s components in perfect conditions. B.C. ERRE, thanks to its long-term expertise and its wide catalogue which includes more than 4.000 original items, is able to match every customer need in the best possible way.
B.C. ERRE assistenza tecnica su trasmissioni e assali


B.C. ERRE operates at global level as authorised dealer of genuine spare parts branded Spicer Dana (which includes Clark-Hurth and Italcardano brands), Allison, Kessler and Astra. The company, located in Carpaneto Piacentino, offers a wide selection of high-quality components and products for special vehicles applied to an extensive range of industries (e.g. agriculture, construction, logistics). Thanks to its rich catalogue, which includes thousands of rigorously original items, the company can satisfy even the most difficult requests, by identifying the most suitable components and processes to solve the problem: for this reason, B.C. ERRE is highly rated by its customers at national and global level.
ricambi originali Spicer Dana


B.C. ERRE employs highly qualified personnel with a long-term, proved expertise in mechanics. The firm provides a complete and punctual service and it is highly rated by its customers thanks to its knowledge, professionalism and seriousness by which it operates. Moreover, B.C. ERRE is aware of the importance of providing a quality and timely service which minimises  the impact of downtime on customer operativity.

Highly-qualified staff


Timely and complete service


Original spare parts


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