revisione su trasmissioni ed assali
ricambi rigorosamente originali


B.C. ERRE delivers overhaul service on transmissions and axles branded Spicer Dana (which includes Clark-Hurth and Italcardano brands), Allison. Moreover, the company offers overhaul and repair services on Astra vehicles. The overhaul service performed by B.C. ERRE allows to identify the possible equipment damage or malfunction accurately: once the equipment/vehicle conditions are examined, the technicians can suggest the most convenient solution to fix the problem as quickly as possible.  Overhaul operations are performed by highly-qualified staff with a long-term expertise and proven professionalism, and through the organisation’s cutting edge equipment available in the 800 sqm workshop. Overhauls are carried out assuring the best value for money and the utilization of rigorously original spare parts.

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